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Entryphone System Installations

A video entry phone access control system allows you to see your visitor and their ID before they enter the building, so you can ensure that they are who they say they are.

Whichever audio or video entry phone system you choose, it is important to have it installed professionally, so that you are confident that it works reliably and you feel safe and secure in the building.

Audio Door Entry Systems

A single channel audio door phone and intercom system is a modern and stylish door entry system to install, with incorporated high clarity microphones and speakers for clear communication. Audio door entry systems are ideal for single point access to a home or business area, and for restricted areas that require security clearance.

Keypad Door Entry Systems

Keypad door entry systems can be combined keypad / proximity tag access controllers, with modern aesthetics and a robust structure which makes these units ideal for any access control system. To use a keypad door entry system, the user must approach the keypad and enter a four digit code, or hold a personal proximity tag within a few inches to activate the door to open.

Video Door Entry Systems

Video door entry systems enable you to see and talk to whoever is at the door before you open it. The video system comes with a door release mechanism, which grants access once the visitor has been identified.

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